Austin's Birthday

I made this cake at work for my brother. Its a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream filling and yellow tinted vanilla buttercream for the top. He chose the characters he wanted on top. This was my first free hand decoration.

My Dad's Wedding...

I asked and was asked to make my Dad's wedding cake. It was a two tried cake consisting of vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream filling with fresh strawberries and vanilla buttercream topping. Here are some pictures of the wonderful event and cake!Add Image

Reddit Cookies

My boyfriend is a huge redditor and since everyone on reddit is very helpful he asked if anyone could help me design a logo for BtheBaker. We got a least two that we were debating on so as a thank you (it was my bf's idea) we sent reddit themed cookies!

Snikerdoodle Cupcakes! YUM!

I randomly found this recipe forever ago. I made them once with my boyfriends sister and we ran into a huge problem with the seven minute frosting. It took way longer than seven minutes and was still liquid. I made them again myself and the seven minute frosting worked! We read that sometimes on moist days the frosting won't work, well the day we made them together it was misting all day and also the egg whites needed to be warm and they weren't. Since than we have made them again and the frosting was perfect! Yay for success! Enjoy!

Toy Story

My house cleaners asked me to do cupcakes and a cake Toy Story themed for there son, Diego's birthday. Here are the pics...

I was very nervous about making Buzz and Woody because I wanted them to look identical to the cartoon. These are buttercream transfers. You trace the image(s) with black buttercream and fill in the colors. The image is piped on backwards so you have to make sure the image is flipped before it is printed.

The cupcakes!

Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting Colored Yellow

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting