Baseball themed baby shower cake

This was a yellow cake with raspberry filing and vanilla buttercream AND my first cake covered in fondant!

The one thing I forgot to do was let the buttercream harden before covering it with fondant. This was a problem because the fondant didn't mold so well and became best friends with the buttercream.


There was a slight boo-boo! After I decorated it, it wasn't noticeable.


Quick, difficult, but fun red velvet cake

The reason why this cake was difficult was because of my buttercream frosting. It was melting and I was in too big of a rush to take the time to let it harden up a bit in the fridge.

It did turn out nice though and it was tasty, so I heard!

Butterfly Cake

This was for my boyfriend's co-workers sister birthday! Vanilla cake with a lemon curd filling and vanilla buttercream frosting.

The Butterflies were made for chocolate.
I got the idea for the butterflies from the book by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson called Hello Cupcake.

Close up of the butterfly.

I was so excited for this cake. I envisioned it a bit different, but the results were a still phenomenal!


Good Luck Cake

I made a cake for one of my boyfriend's bosses farewell party. He chose a two flavored cake. Red velvet and vanilla and a cream cheese frosting.

The cake was a beautiful rich red color!

Decorating time!

The cake was a huge success! Everyone loved it!
I received the opportunity to make a birthday cake for one of my boyfriend's co-worker's sister this coming weekend! I can't wait!


Easter Cupcakes!

This was so much fun! The cake was simple vanilla, but I had to different types of frosting. I used left over cream cheese frosting from my birthday and farewell cakes I did this past weekend. (I will post those pics soon).

This cake has cream cheese frosting. I tinted some coconut green to make it look like grass.

This one is my favorite! It has a brown sugar frosting filling with vanilla butter cream top.

My Dog, Deanna, sticking her nose where it doesn't belong! Haha.

Bunny in the grass.

The filling was so yummy!

Add VideoReady to head off to Wells Fargo (that's where my boyfriend works). I spoil those guys!


Dad's Birthday Bundt Cake

My Dad isn't a huge fan of frosting and he LOVES chocolate so I decided a bundt cake would be prefect.
Lately my cakes have been dry and it dawned on me that maybe I'm baking it too long. Every oven is different and mine cooks things faster so I have been reducing the time. This cake turned out awesome! It was really moist

This is another Martha Stewart Recipe. I reduced the Cognac to 1 Tablespoon because I didn't want to over power the chocolate. It was perfect!