Things I have decorated!

It has been forever! I had to post something even if it wasn't a delicious recipe. As soon as school is over, and I GRADUATE, I will be more dedicated to the blog. For now enjoy a few of the things I have worked on at home as well as a work.

For a girls 21st birthday.

Girl Baby Shower.

Dogs have birthdays too!

I believe this was for a boy baby shower.

Wedding cake I did for a friend from high school.

This was for my" little" brother's birthday party.

My boyfriend's cousin asked me to do a baby shower cake for her friend.
(Thank you Laura!)

My boyfriend's sister and I threw a Halloween party.
These were little chocolate cupcakes made to look like mummies!

This cake was fun but it took forever!
There are circle on all sides of the cake too.

Baby shower cake I did for my boyfriend's older sister.
(and BTW he is the cutest baby!)

Oktoberfest themed birthday cake.

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